Face Lift Dentistry – Anti Aging Dentistry

Face Lift Dentistry ® – Improving Your Entire Face

Dr. Muslin’s California practice offers custom treatment designed to reverse bite collapse, tooth foreshortening and the loss of vertical dimension in your face. In the past when people felt that their face was looking older or even sagging they assumed the solution was to find a plastic surgeon. Things like facelifts, facial implants, and injections that promised plumper lips or less wrinkles around the mouth were considered. Some of these surgical procedures can be painful and require extensive healing time, stitches, and several days off from work. In addition, none of these options add length back to your face that you may have had in your younger years or that you have always needed to look and feel your best. There is another alternative to surgery and facial implants or fillers that is Dr. Muslin’s trademarked procedure Face Lift Dentistry.

Bite Collapse
Dental Health and Cosmetic Dentistry

So Much More Than Just Cosmetic Dentistry!

Many cosmetic dentists can improve your smile but very few even consider the bigger picture of your face and profile. Sure, having a beautiful smile is good for your self-esteem and when you are actually smiling you can look great. However, a little know statistic is that you are only smiling approximately 5% of the time. As such, the remaining 95% of the time you do not look any better. The good news is that the treatment that Dr. Muslin has pioneered can deliver an unbelievable smile while also improving your profile, facial shape, lip volume, jaw line, chin position, and significantly reduce the presence of fine lines and wrinkles. Why not have a great smile that also improves your entire face for the 95% of the time that you are not smiling?

Dental Collapse
Dental Collapse

Whether you are looking for anti-aging dentistry or you wish your profile was better, Face Lift Dentistry® can address these concerns permanently and quickly. Every single case is different and every treatment plan is designed specifically for the individual patient. Some patients like their facial length and shape but wish their chin looked better in their profile. Some patients have difficulty chewing because they suffer from overbites or underbites and as a consequence their lips are thin and squished. Some patients experience headaches and jaw pain that keeps them up at night. Regardless of what your concerns and symptoms may be, Dr. Muslin will design a treatment plan that addresses your health issues and cosmetic goals specifically.

Instant Braces

All of the photos shown on this site are Dr. Muslin’s patients and he did all of the work himself. These patients have volunteered to let us show their photos without compensation. None of the images have been edited, touched up or altered in any way so that you can compare the before and after shots honestly.

Anti-Aging Dentistry and Bite Collapse Restoration

Face Lift Dentistry can lengthen your entire face giving it a younger more sculpted look. Some patients are simply born with short lower faces and some have eroded their bite through grinding which has caused the shortening. Generally speaking a bad bite continues to get worse with time until it is what many doctors call a “collapsed bite”. The facial length that you once had is eroded away and your face pays the price for your bad bite.

Anti-Aging Dentistry
Anti-Aging Dentistry

Dr. Muslin can permanently lengthen and idealized your face, profile, and bite for a more appealing and balanced look in one procedure. Many of us have always desired a more oval shape to our round face or a more sculpted jawline and this is now possible with the Face Lift Dentistry® treatment.

Bad Bites and Sad Faces

As Dr. Muslin lengthens your face and positions your jaw more ideally, your lips are far less squished and confined. Allowing a more gracious space for your lips helps to reduce the fine lines that form when soft tissue is compressed. In many cases Dr. Muslin can provide your lips more support as well as more space and this makes for fuller plump lips. Likewise less wrinkling or fine lines occur in the lips and all around the mouth area.

Bad Bites
Bad Bites

The shapes of their faces are better balanced and permanently improved without facial surgery or jaw surgery. Notice the improvement to their mouth shape and lip fullness. The net result is a younger more vibrant appearance for their entire face.

Showing Too Much Lower Teeth

Normally, older people show more of their lower teeth when they talk and younger people show more of their upper teeth when they talk. As we get older we grind our teeth down and our chin gets closer to our nose. At the same time gravity is pulling our soft tissue south and the combination of these two effects is an older or even angry looking face. Sometimes the effect of gravity combined with a bad worn down bite can make our faces look sad and even make us appear angry. Face Lift Dentistryâ reverses worn down teeth and revitalizes the face by providing facial support, length and balance to the aging face. Older patients typically do not show enough of their upper teeth so Face Lift Dentistryâ lengthens all of the upper teeth and restores the bite for a younger appearance.

Showing Too Much Lower Teeth
Showing Too Much Lower Teeth

He shows very little of his upper teeth and she does not show any upper teeth at all! Face Lift Dentistry® took ten years off of their faces.

Dr. Muslin has the ability to predictably change the occlusion so that the upper teeth are more visible when smiling and also when simply talking or at rest. The effect is a much younger and more refreshed appearance. We no longer look grumpy when we are not smiling and we can now have a younger appearance with Face Lift Dentistry.

Younger People Can Benefit Too!

Some younger patients already have the symptoms of an older person in the sense that they show very little upper teeth. This can occur when their teeth are simply too short or undersized for their face. When they talk the majority of what shows is their lower teeth and this makes them look older. The bad news is that as they age they will grind down the teeth that are already too short and they will appear older even faster. If you have an overbite your face is already foreshortened because your teeth are not meeting properly and this too can make you look older or grumpy.

Bad Bite Restoration
Jaw Alignment

Improving Your Profile, Chin Position and Jaw line

One of the most exciting results of Face Lift DentistryÒ is that it enhances your profile by adding volume to your lips, definition to your chin, and refinement of dips in your face. Often times patients considering surgical procedures like chin implants or rhynoplasty would be better served with non-surgical Face Lift Dentistry® because the treatment permanently and naturally balances your profile. Some patients need a stronger chin and jawline while others would look best if their chin was not as prominent. Dr. Muslin custom designs your bite to create a jaw and chin position for each patient that yields the best aesthetic and health results possible.

Jaw Alignment

The patient on the left needed her chin and jawline moved forward and strengthened. The patient on the right needed her chin and jawline moved back to improve her facial profile!

Face Lift Dentistry® can also shorten a face that is too long or soften a chin and jawline that sticks out too far as seen in underbite conditions. All of the health issues and aesthetic goals of the patient are considered and a custom treatment plan is developed to enhance the individual characteristics of each patient. Every one of Dr. Muslin’s patients has unique combinations of facial features accompanied with dental issues. The goal is to achieve facial esthetics that improve the patient’s health and appearance yet retain their unique facial features.

TMJ, Headache, Facial Pain Relief, and Neuromuscular Dentistry

Face Lift DentistryÒ reconstructs your bite yielding far more that just an improved profile and chin position. The natural repositioning of the jaw can reduce headaches, migraines, and jaw pain or fatigue also called TMJ. Many patients who suffer with TMJ research neuromuscular dentistry, which is the practice of treating TMJ symptoms. Face Lift Dentistry® is one option for treating these symptoms and many times Dr. Muslin’s patients with severe symptoms will start their treatment with a test appliance. This test appliance simulates a more healthy jaw position and allows us to track how much of your symptoms are directly related to your bite.

Many of our patients that experience extreme jaw and facial stress have called us after wearing the test appliance to say “I can sleep through the night”. Others tell us that their “face feels relaxed” and that their headaches are less severe and less frequent. Once the results of the test bite are completed then Dr. Muslin custom designs the new bite in porcelain. Everyone is different and nobody is exactly symmetrical so each patient receives a totally unique bite development based upon their health and comfort needs.

Deep Overbites
Deep Overbites

Deep Overbites or a Weak Chin

Deep overbites and bite interferences can be corrected so that you look younger and more vibrant. Deep overbites cause the lower jaw to be shoved or pushed back and as a consequence your lower jaw can appear too small. In profile, people with deep overbites sometimes suffer from what is commonly called a “weak chin” or recessed chin and the lower half of their face appear far shorter than it should be. Face Lift Dentistry® can reduce or eliminate your overbite and permanently improve your facial length in one procedure.

Deep Overbites
Deep Overbites

Her overbite was eliminated and her jaw position was dramatically improved. The length of her face was permanently restored for a more appealing and youthful look.

Under bite or Narrow Palette Correction

Several of Dr. Muslin’s patients that suffer from severe under bites or extremely narrow upper palettes have had their lives changed with Face Lift Dentistry®. Some of them had already gone through months to years of orthodontics like palette expanders or braces. Others went to Neuromuscular Dentists and were told that the solution for them was surgical. They were told that the surgery would entail breaking their jaw in several places. Fortunately, for those patients who did not want to undergo surgery or braces there was an alternative treatment that was much faster and less invasive.

She had an extremely narrow upper palette and severe underbite but she could not stand the idea of surgery. By re-building her bite, Dr. Muslin was able to create a much nicer jaw position, eliminate her under bite, and balance the sizes of the upper and lower jaws.

The best news about Face Lift Dentistry® is that healing time is limited. There are no stitches and some patients will not even require grinding on their natural teeth. Dr. Muslin’s technique allows him to save as much of the natural tooth as possible and because this keeps the grinding to a minimum many patients do even need shots.

Treatment with Dr. Muslin is Fast

Speed is another positive of Face Lift Dentistry. Dr. Muslin has the most high tech equipment and truly unprecedented hand skill, which allow him to move quickly and accurately. One of the most critical but forgotten things to consider when picking a dentist is the dentist’s ability to use his hands. A dentist’s work can only be as good as his fine motor skills will allow. Dr. Muslin has an unbelievably refined ability with his hands that keeps the procedure time to a minimum. The entire procedure can be done in as few as two treatment visits

Facelift Dentistry
The Dental Face Lift

Better Breathing

Bad or eroded bites can also restrict your ability to breathe. As your teeth are worn down shorter and shorter each year your tongue gets less room in your mouth. Face Lift Dentistry can create more space for your tongue that allows for better breathing during the day and at night. Better breathing is a huge health benefit that has improves the lives of many of our patients.

Closing Gaps and Better Proportioned Smiles

Some patients simply need their teeth to have better proportions. Perhaps the front two teeth are too big or bucked out. Maybe the side teeth are too small and filled with gaps. Regardless of the condition porcelain veneers can be a great solution. However, there is an art to closing gaps re-proportioning teeth with veneers to picking the right dentist to do the work is crucial. Too often we see patients that have attempted to close gaps with veneers and they end up “horse teeth”. Dr. Muslin then has to remove all of the veneers done elsewhere and artistically design a proportioned look for the patient.

Severe Overbite
Deep Overbite

Non-Invasive Porcelain Veneers

Many of our patients that choose Face Lift Dentistry ® need little to no grinding on their natural teeth at all. Dr. Muslin has always strives to save as much healthy tooth enamel as possible and because of this belief he often creates natural looking porcelain veneers without drilling healthy tooth enamel. This means no shots and no pain!

Instant Braces

Dr. Muslin’s veneers are totally custom designed for you and you are part of the aesthetic decisions. While we will offer you guidance in picking the color, ultimately the choice is yours. Likewise, we will walk you through the shapes and style that will best compliment your facial features but you are the final decision maker. This level of customization is why all of Dr. Muslin’s patients have a unique look. To achieve the best possible results, Dr. Muslin works on each patient’s porcelain veneers with his ceramist.

Your Totally Custom Look and Color

You will notice that every single one of Dr. Muslin’s patients has their own look. No two patients have exactly the same color or shape and this is because Dr. Muslin does a custom design to meet each individual patients goals. We will offer you guidance and advice as to which color and shape would compliment your facial features the best but the ultimate decision is all yours. Some patients want a totally natural and subtle look while others are trying to achieve a brighter and more impactful smile. Take a look at the two patients below that clearly have different aesthetic goals. You may think that one of Dr. Muslin’s patients went too white or that one did not go white enough but this is the range of options you should have available to you as you make decisions for yourself. This level of customization is what you can count on from Dr. Muslin to make sure that you can achieve the look you desire.

He chose a very natural color and she chose a more youthful and vibrant color. Coming to Dr Muslin means that you will be making decisions for yourself to achieve a look you want.

The results really speak for themselves. Whether you are looking for anti-aging dentistry, a better profile, or to relieve TMJ pain, want whiter teeth, a better bite, and this level of artistic dental care in a highly efficient environment then call the office to schedule your appointment.